Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Authors needed for Ghostly Tales

Ghostly Tales July 22, 2008
Contributors needed for non-fiction work on ghosts and haunted places

Diversion Press seeks authors for our non-fiction short-story anthology tentatively titled Ghostly Tales. We are currently gathering stories for this non-fiction anthology.
Ghostly Tales will collect the best short stories and tales of the supernatural that are reputed to be true. This includes personal encounters with ghosts, historical or local haunted places, as well as mysterious places, or ghost hunting activities.
Stories must be stories owned or experienced by the author sending the submission and must not have been published elsewhere. We hope that our anthology can be enjoyed by a diverse audience and we will not accept or consider any stories of an adult nature, gratuitously explicit, or anything that intentionally puts children in a bad light. Please see our website for more details on submitting stories, and contact us with any questions at

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Contest--War is All We Know

New Contest (original date of announcement July 11, 2008)
Our new Anthology “War is All We Know” is now accepting proposals. We are running a contest for this anthology, just like for our Poetry Anthology. The best three stories will win 1st-3rd place and all winners will be published in the Anthology and receive a free copy of the Anthology. The winners may also have their name and entries displayed on our website. Prizes are 1st: 30 dollars, publication, and free copy, 2nd: 20 dollars, publication, and free copy, 3rd: 10 dollars, publication, and free copy.

Here is more information from our listing on

This anthology is designed to collect the best fiction on war. We don’t want war as a backdrop to another story, but the war or conflict must be the major part of the story. Using historical fiction or other fiction is fine, but we don’t want real-life battle stories. Each story must also include as a quote or somewhere else in the text the phrase “War is all we know.”

Guidelines for format of proposals and submissions can be found on our website under Anthology Submission Guidelines.

Two Months Old

Two Months old (date of original announcement July 11, 2008)
Diversion Press is pleased to announce that it is now two months old. A lot has happened in that time. We have received many queries and proposals. It seems like a lot of publishers complain about getting too much, but we still don’t have enough!!!! If you have a book proposal or short-story or poetry that will fit into our criteria, send it along. We will be happy to read the proposals and let you know if we are interested in seeing the manuscript.

We have also joined and been listed with several key writer’s and publisher’s groups and organizations. We are listing these on a separate page of our website.

New Anthologies

New Anthologies (original date July 1, 2008)
We are adding two new anthologies to Diversion Press. Like the others these may also be one-time publications. We are hoping that the popularity of these will enable us to publish anthologies on a regular basis and provide a testing ground for potentially publishing full-length fiction works in the same genre at some point in the future.

Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest (original announcement date June 25, 2008)
Diversion Press is sponsoring a poetry contest along with its Poetry Anthology. We are awarding first through third place prizes and up to three honorable mentions. See more details at our site We have already had several good entries, but we need more.