Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Contest--War is All We Know

New Contest (original date of announcement July 11, 2008)
Our new Anthology “War is All We Know” is now accepting proposals. We are running a contest for this anthology, just like for our Poetry Anthology. The best three stories will win 1st-3rd place and all winners will be published in the Anthology and receive a free copy of the Anthology. The winners may also have their name and entries displayed on our website. Prizes are 1st: 30 dollars, publication, and free copy, 2nd: 20 dollars, publication, and free copy, 3rd: 10 dollars, publication, and free copy.

Here is more information from our listing on

This anthology is designed to collect the best fiction on war. We don’t want war as a backdrop to another story, but the war or conflict must be the major part of the story. Using historical fiction or other fiction is fine, but we don’t want real-life battle stories. Each story must also include as a quote or somewhere else in the text the phrase “War is all we know.”

Guidelines for format of proposals and submissions can be found on our website under Anthology Submission Guidelines.

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