Thursday, September 18, 2008

German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass coming Fall/Winter 2008

We are excited to announce the upcoming publication of our first book, German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass by Dr. Antonio S. Thompson, the story of Kentucky's housing of nearly 10,000 German prisoners of war during World War II. Who knew that while American boys were away at war, the enemy was housed right in our own backyards. Learn how these men lived, played, worked, and even helped the labor starved home front in Kentucky counties. Check back soon for more details about the book and how to order your copy.

Dakota: A Work in Progress coming Fall/Winter 2008

Diversion Press has gone to the dogs and this Fall/Winter, we will be publishing a book about one of them. Read about Dakota--the Golden Retriever with spunk and a "popcorn toe". He will steal your heart and your sandwich, if you aren't careful. Don't miss reading about the adventures of Dakota and his owner and author of the book, Bill Rosencrans. Check back soon for more details about the book and how to order your copy.

We are working hard on preparing our anthologies for publication, but we need more poems and short stories. While we have a lot of wonderful material, we don't have enough yet to complete these works. If you have poems or know a poet, pass this information along. We still need stories for all of our short story anthologies. If you have submitted poetry or short stories we will be informing you of our final publication decisions in the coming weeks.