Monday, September 21, 2009

We are starting the new 2009 Poetry Anthology and Contest

Diversion Press announces our 2009 Poetry Anthology

Submit: Submit no more than five poems. Send all poems on a separate Word document with your name, address, phone number, and Email address on each page. Your poems should appear exactly as you would like them to appear if accepted for publication. Prepare a cover letter. Send the entire thing as a single attachment to our email address: The subject line should read Poetry Submission. The Email should state that the poetry is attached.

Do not submit more than once for this contest.

Selection: There is no reading fee and poems will be read and accepted or rejection given by Email. Once the contest end period is over (January 2, 2010) the winners will be announced.
Prizes: YOU DO NOT have to purchase a copy of the book to be included or to win a prize. We will select the poems and winners before the book is published or we even offer the book for sale.
All winners will get a free book (books are not free unless you win—but you will be offered copies at a much reduced price). All winners will also get their name and place put into the book. All entrants may have their poems also placed on the website.
Diversion Press only asks for rights to the print the poems in this anthology and any reprints of this anthology under the same name. The rights then revert back to the poets.

1st place: $20
2nd place: $15 dollars
3rd place: $10 dollars
Up to three honorable mentions

Encyclopedia of Global Terrorism and the War on Terror

Diversion Press invites submissions for inclusion in our upcoming Encyclopedia of Global Terrorism and the War on Terror. We seek contributions from academics from all backgrounds for this interdisciplinary work. Authors are invited to submit up to 6 entries. Each entry should be between 500 and 1000 words. Certain entries (those on entire nations) will run from 1000 to 3000 words. The format is explained in more detail in our guidelines.The focus of the Encyclopedia is to provide detailed entries describing both domestic and international terrorist events throughout the 20th and (thus far) the 21st centuries. The culmination point of the work is to discuss the War on Terror, in all of its aspects, and the nations that are involved in this effort. The work is an interdisciplinary work aswell, with entries concerning history, political science, biology, chemistry, and agriculture, and contributors range from professors, officers in the Armed Forces of the U.S. and elsewhere, and political, officials in the U.S. State and Defense Department, and foreign officials. Ph.D. students, advanced graduate students, or civilian ormilitary experts can and have also contributed.Once entries are assigned to authors, they should be submitted to us in 6 weeks. We can work with extended dates if needed. For an updated word list and guidelines please e-mail with "word list" in the subject line. The anticipated publication date is Winter 2009/2010. Please pass this information along to any colleagues or graduate students who may be interested.

There is a blog for the encyclopedia at:

The Press Blog and websites are

You may request a PDF of our catalog, delivered free of charge to your Email address, by simply sending an Email to us with “Catalog Request” in the subject line.

You may also enter our free contests for book giveaways, as well as view other publishing opportunities, by visiting the above links.

New information

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