Thursday, October 15, 2009


The heading should say TWO Contests for Free Books!!!

Blog Membership Contest #1
The member of our blog, who successfully enrolls the most new
members (10 minimum) by November 27 will win our new “Bag
of Books” a Diversion Press tote with three Diversion Press
books. This could make a wonderful holiday gift for someone or
several people.

The Diversion Press “Bag of Books” will also be available for
purchase on our website in the coming weeks and will be shipped
in time for the holiday season. All of our author’s books are
available for this offer.

Here are the rules (the fine print):
*You must be a member of the blog to be eligible.
*Contestants must submit an email between November 27 and December 1
listing all the people that you recruited. All new members that you list must
still be members.
*The winner will be announced after December 1 and the prize will be
guaranteed to arrive in time for the holiday.
*We will post the results and each person’s total at the end of the contest.
*We may also post the results during the contest so that you can see what the
competition is up to.
*The blog must reach a total of 50 members for the contest to be valid.

Blog Membership Contest #2
This is open to all members of our blog. One member will be
randomly chosen on or after December 1 to receive a Diversion
Press “Bag of Books”, a Diversion Press tote with three Diversion
Press books. These can be veteran or new blog members.

NOTE: Each person can only win once!

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