Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interview with Jennifer Caloyeras, author of Urban Falcon

Recently we asked one of our newly published authors, Jennifer Caloyeras, a few questions about her book Urban Falcon, publishing, and being an author.

Jennifer, This is your first book, tell us what it feels like being a published author?

It feels wonderful! It’s a strange thing being a writer. You spend so much of your time sitting alone and writing. It’s such a private experience and then when the book comes out it shifts to this very public experience. But it’s nice to know that now people are finally able to read my work! (aside from family members).

What motivational advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Stick with the task of writing. Do one thing each day towards your goal. It could be something large, like writing a rough draft of an entire chapter or something as small as completing a sliver of research you may need in your book. I’d also advise aspiring writers to become avid readers of the genre they are writing in. Be sure you write a story that no one else can tell as well as you.

Tell us something about Evan Falcon?

I think I would have definitely had a crush on Evan in high school. He’s funny, artistic and sensitive and has just the right amount of insecurity, which makes him endearing. At his core, he cares deeply about the people he loves.

You really seem to be able to relate to these characters, they come alive, how were you able to do this?

I love the teenage voice, not just writing about it, but also reading it. I think the teen years are such a time of flux and self-reflection. All problems, even little problems are so amplified when you’re a teenager. I remember so vividly being at a point in my own life where I was so caught between being a kid and being a grown up. The key to creating a successful teen voice is to really tap into the characters. I feel as though I handed over the novel to these characters I created and let them lead the way.

You are actively promoting and signing the book. Where are your upcoming promotional plans and where might someone be able to pick up a signed copy?

Well, the last time I checked the website, there’s a used, signed book for sale! I have been busy promoting the book in California. I will be speaking at various high schools throughout the fall and I was just invited to be the guest speaker at a book club. I am currently adding dates and reviews to my novel’s website:

What would you tell someone who has not read the book, something that would inspire them to pick up a copy?

If you’re an adult looking to relive some of the teen angst you lived through (all within the safety of the pages of a book) this book is for you! I think that young adult readers will feel as though they’re not alone in their experiences of feeling as though the world is out to get them and no one understands them.

Jennifer, we think your book is great and can’t say enough about it, do you have any closing comments?

Happy reading, everyone! Thanks for interviewing me!

Thank you Jennifer.

Jennifer recently signed books at Skylight Books and at
the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. You can catch her this coming weekend (October 9-11--check for exact date and time) at Children’s Book World in West Los Angeles . She suggests that you "Come on by!"

You can order a copy of Urban Falcon by clicking here.

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