Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introducing Ellabug by Gregory Turner-Rahman

Diversion Press announces its first Children's Book: Ellabug by Gregory Turner-Rahman

Ellabug is a simple story about non-traditional families that follows Ella, a small but strongly willed young ladybug, as she begins to question her identity. Raised in a family made up of different animals, Ellabug desires ‘normality’ and uniformity which she finds in a family of ants whom she meets in the garden. Ella decides to escape the craziness in her own home by joining the ants. They, however, have a very different life and Ella is surprised when they work endlessly. Ella fears she has lost her parents forever and she quickly grows to appreciate her quirky family. Just when all seems lost, Ella’s parents call to her and they are reunited. All ends happily. Ella has learned that each family is unique in their own way.
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By: Gregory Rahman-Turner
Diversion Press: Young Adult, fiction
Distributed by Ingram and returnable
ISBN: 978-1-935290-09-4
Paperback, 40 pages
Publication Date: October 1, 2009

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