Friday, November 13, 2009

The Results from our Halloween Movie Survey and Contest

Here are our Halloween Movie Results.

Unfortunately we only had 12 people respond!!!

Our winner is Sean McHugh who will be getting a copy of Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse.

Everyone who participated received a coupon for a free Diversion Press tote bag with any order during our Biggest Sale Ever Promotion.

Question 1:Halloween is fast approaching and you find out that your friend has never watched any horror movies. Which classic do you recommend?

Psycho by five votes

Question 2:Which of these movies is the most underrated?

Night of the Living Dead with three votes

Question 3:Which of these movies is the most overrated?

Saw with five votes

Question 4: If you were fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough) to pick how you had to go, which of these options would you pick?

IRS Audit with 7

Thanks to all for your support!!

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