Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ellabug Review

National Publicity for Diversion Press and its authors:

Ellabug gets a review

The following review quotes material provided directly from The Midwest Book Review it has been provided to Diversion Press in hardcopy and is also located on

"Ellabug" is a jaunty tale of an unusual ladybug girl from an unusual family who longs for a more conventional appearing life, she thinks. She is so surrounded by uniqueness that she longs for conformity, which she finds among the hard-working ants. Although she admires them very much, she quickly determines that their overpowering work ethic is not all she wants in her life, and she becomes afraid her parents, quirky, eclectic creatures that they are, may lose her and forget about her forever. However, they call her (loudly, in huge-lettered name-words) and their call is music to her ears. She is reunited with her eclectic, non-traditional family, and discovers that celebrating differences has something to be said for it. The wonderful illustrations by author and artist Gregory Turner-Rahman in "Ellabug" add great depth to the story."

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