Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Horror Stories Needed Now!!!!

Diversion Press needs your horror shorts!!!!

Horror Shorts

We will be immediately accepting several horror shorts for inclusion in an anthology. The stories should not exceed 8 double spaced Word pages, but between 4-6 double spaced pages would give your story the best chance for acceptance. We will read as they come in and notify you by email of acceptance or rejection.

Send only one story as a Word attachment, be sure to include a cover letter and short 3-4 line biography that will use if your work is accepted. Bear in mind that nothing excessively gory, graphic, sexual, or with heavy use of offensive language will be used. We prefer the story and suspense than the hack and slash.

There is no reading fee and YOU DO NOT have to purchase a copy to be included. All selections are made well in advance of any sales being offered. We will select the poems before the book is published or offered for sale.

Contributors will be given the opportunity to purchase books at a reduced price, unfortunately contributors will not get a free copy.

Diversion Press only asks for rights to the print the story in this anthology (which may be paperback, hardback, and/or e-book) and any reprints of this anthology under the same name. The rights then revert back to the authors upon publication.

Diversion Press

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