Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Interview with Siobhan Nichols about the Darling Rebels

Interview with Siobhan Nichols about The Darling Rebels

What inspired you to write The Darling Rebels?

Once I had the idea in my head, I kept writing to see what the characters were going to do next. They were intriguing and really just like real people, the kind that you want to know everything about because there's something about them that fascinates you. I wanted to be best friends with them, to go on their adventures with them. It didn't really feel like I was creating the story; it felt like the characters were letting me watch their lives so that I could tell their story.

What can you tell a reader about the book that will make them want to read it?

I like to think that I wrote the characters as very authentic teenagers, since I was a teenager when I was working on it. I wrote a story that I would've needed to read at that age, so the people reading it now should hopefully find it easily relatable to their own situations.

Many authors work their entire life to get published; how does it feel to be a published author at such a young age?

It feels wonderful, to be honest. I was worried that no one would take me seriously since I am so young, but I haven't had that problem yet. I also appreciate that I am serving as an inspiration for other young authors. I'm a firm believer that age shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals.

What are your plans/scheduled events where we might meet you and get a copy of your book signed?

I am working on getting signings close to my school and around Philadelphia. And when I get home for the summer, I have some connections that will more than likely lead to events. More details on them as they come in.

Any other comments that you would like to be included?

I am very proud of this book and am working diligently on the sequel, which I can promise will be even better.


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