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Congratulations to Robert Bresloff on the August 30 Release of Wanderland

We are delighted to announce our latest Diversion Press release--Wanderland by Robert Bresloff.  We asked Robert Bresloff about Wanderland and writing in general. 

DP:  What inspired you to write this book?
RB:  Actually, I had seen a write-up in a news magazine about Gavin Menzies book “1421: The Year the Chinese Discovered the World.” The article told of the great Chinese Admiral, Zheng He and the vast armada he commanded for China in the 1400’s. Part of the premise of Mr. Menzies book was that the Chinese fleet may have discovered America long before Columbus. I was immediately inspired and not long after reading the article began to outline “Wanderland”. I ordered Mr. Menzies book and interpreted his theories into a story with wizards, emperors and pirates so to make it enjoyable for the middle school aged reader. Though “Wanderland” never states that the Chinese discovered America in 1421, it most definitely infers the possibility. The book acknowledges Gavin Menzies’ research and insight.

DP:  Do you relate to the main character and in what ways?
RB:  I believe that the main character, thirteen year-old Chen is “everyman.” Rescued from certain death or disfigurement when his village is destroyed and his family murdered, he must find his way in a strange new world with even stranger new friends. Of course most people never experience what poor Chen did, but in many ways our lives take different twists and turns, quite often into the unknown—a new job, moving to a new city or new relationships. Chen’s experiences make him grow, as a human being, and under the tutelage of the mysterious Master Waan, a wizard.

DP:  How hard was it for you to sit down and write the book?
RB:  Once the characters were set and the outline complete, this one seemed to pour out. For some unknown reason, this book and its characters are very special to me. Believe me, it can be very hard to sit and write, but writing this one was a wonderful experience. Of all the books I’ve written, “Wanderland” is my favorite.

DP:  What advice can you give to someone who is thinking about writing a book or is in the process of writing?
RB:  As far as the writing process is concerned, don’t be too concerned about corrections on the first draft. Get the ideas down, for they can be fleeting. You will probably do 5-10 rewrites before you submit the book, so just get the story that is inside you onto paper.
Writing is art, but don’t get hung up on your own words. If you want to sell your work it must have a market, so keep your business hat on as well, and be as objective as you can when deciding if your work is marketable.

DP:  What can you tell a reader about the book that will make them want to pick up a copy?
RB:  Any reader that loves intrigue, action, adventure, magic and fantastic sea voyages will be a fan of “Wanderland.” It is also a story about a young boy who loses all, only to become more than he had ever hoped to be—a ship’s wizard in the service of the great Chinese fleet. Oh, and it has a great looking cover.

DP:  What are your plans/scheduled events where we might meet you and get a signed copy?
RB:  The information will be posted on Diversion Press’ website/ blog or you can check my blog at:

Parting words from Robert...
I am very excited about the release of “Wanderland.” I believe it to be a unique insight to what might have been in America’s discovery. I’ve tried to make characters doing unbelievable things believable. If you read the book with an open mind and an open heart, I think you will enjoy it very much.

To order your copy of Wanderland, follow the link below.

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