Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Forthcoming: If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut by Linda Loegel

A forthcoming release from Diversion Press

If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut
By Linda Loegel

There was a time, before TV, computers, and Gameboys, when kids in their pajamas would curl up on the floor on a Saturday morning in front of the radio, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, listening spellbound to shows like Let's Pretend. A time when parents were parents and not play date arrangers, taxi drivers, or pals. Kids were expected to find their own entertainment, respect their elders, and enjoy their childhood. Author Linda Loegel and her sister, Donna, grew up in the early 1940s. War may have been ravaging the rest of the world, but in the small peaceful town of Springfield, Vermont, on a little street called Rita Street, they enjoyed life to the fullest. Although it was a time of black-out curtains, ration books, and air raid alerts, the girls were too busy trying to get each other in trouble to pay much attention to world affairs. And when a feisty little black girl from the Bronx was added to the mix as part of the New York Herald Tribune Fresh Air Fund, everyone learned something about acceptance. If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut is about the values, love and laughter of one family in one moment of time past. Readers over 55 will be able to relate to the book because it will call up precious memories of their own childhood. Younger readers will be introduced to a much simpler way of life, before television, computers and cell phones.

If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut
Paperback, 144 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 9781935290179  
Keep an eye on the blog and website for release details

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Diversion Press is seeking Bloggers that would be willing to host our authors and our editors/press for Blog Tours or Guest Blogging.

If you are interested and willing to do so please contact us at diversionpress @

Additionally, we would be interested in adding content to our blog about writing style, writing life, and all things publishing/writing.  If you have an idea send it to us at the above email address.

Friday, January 21, 2011

One Woman's Life and a Special Holiday Surprise

Irena Praitis, author of One Woman's Life, surprised her grandmother with a copy of her latest book this past December.  This might not seem like such a big deal.  Most grandmothers love to support their grandchildren, right?  What was different about this surprise is the picture on the cover and the words inside.  One Woman's Life is the remarkable story of Ona Kartanas (Irena's grandmother) and the cover image shows Ona's smiling face.  The picture below, taken by A. Praitis, the author's father, shows Ona discovering her own life story in book form.  What a special holiday surprise!  Thank you to Irena for sharing this moment with all of us!


Ellabug by Gregory Turner-Rahmen is a wonderful story about families and diversity.  If you haven't picked up a copy of Ellabug yet, follow this link and watch the Ellabug video to see why you and your children will love Ellabug

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reviews and Reviewers Needed

We are always looking for places and people to review our books.

If you know of a journal, newspaper, or other outlet for a book review or of someone who may be interested in reviewing and placing on,, and other online places, please let us know.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Woman's Life, by Irena Praitis-A New Release by Diversion Press

One Woman's Life by Irena Praitis is an incredible non-fiction history book that traces the life of Ona Kartanas through the Soviet and Nazi occupation and beyond. 

One Woman's Life by Irena Praitis

Ona Kartanas has lived through extraordinary circumstances. Born in Lithuania during World War I she was orphaned at an early age and struggled to find her way in life. She experienced the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Lithuania during World War II, was interrogated at gunpoint on more than one occasion, lived in displaced persons camps in Germany after the war, and immigrated to Colombia, South America. Eventually she and her family immigrated to the United States. This book offers a series of prose vignettes that chronicle her story of loss, war, displacement, poverty, and struggle. Ona's life highlights the strength of the human spirit and the human capacity to not only survive, but to triumph.

One Woman's Life, by Irena Praitis
History, Non-Fiction, $17.95
Perfect Bound/Paperback, 230 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935290-15-5
Available NOW

To order contact Diversion Press at or follow the link below

Far Corners by Kathleen Bullock

Far Corners is one of our newest releases.  This is an excellent addition to the Diversion Press catalog and to a young adult library.

Far Corners

By Kathleen Bullock

On Christmas Eve, Jan Brooks and her brothers, Matt and Willie, stumble through a portal in time and find themselves transported back to 1747, Colonial Virginia. They meet a ghost who has been haunting their house for well over 260 years. Adventure and danger await the children as they try to reunite the earthbound spirit with the son she once banished – but they only have until midnight to accomplish this mission. If they don’t bring James Danbury back to the Inn before the deadline, the children may be trapped forever in the past. An authentic cast of characters and an historical setting depict the diversity and complexity of Colonial America in the era before the Revolutionary War. As the plot twists, readers can expect some surprises!

Far Corners, by Kathleen Bullock
Young Adult
Paperback, 180 pages, $12.95
ISBN: 978-1-935290-04-9
Available NOW

To order contact Diversion Press at or the link: Far Corners

Welcome to 2011

Yes, it is late, but welcome to 2011

We are going to have a great year at Diversion Press.

Many new books are coming out.

New anthologies will be started.

We will be attending more book fairs.

And we are inviting all of  you to submit materials, review our books, and get involved with Diversion Press.

Diversion Press authors keep sending us updates and we will keep posting them.

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