Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Official Release of If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut and FREE BOOKS

To celebrate our new book If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut by Linda Loegel we are sponsoring a giveaway.

The rules are simple.

1. You must FOLLOW this blog. We should be able to see your picture or avatar down at the bottom right of our blog.

2. You must COMMENT on the giveaway page telling us what piece of technology has had the most impact in your life and why. Also, point us to which of our FOLLOWERS on the blog that you are.

3. Wait until the deadline is up, we will randomly select one of our FOLLOWERS who posted as the winner.

4.  The winner MUST also live in the U.S.

It's that simple, and yes, anyone that has authored a short story, poem, or book is eligible, as are your friends and family, so sign everyone up.

We will give away one book a week for four weeks.

This current giveaway will end on March 22.

Click here to go to the DP Giveaway Page and enter

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