Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diversion Press Welcome Adrianne Hunter, Author of An Easy Guide to Making Homemade Baby Food

We sat down with Adrianne Hunter and asked her about her book, An Easy Guide to Making Homemade Baby Food.  This book is a must have for any new or expectant mother!  Who doesn't want the best possible food for their child? Plus, everyone could stand to save a little money!  This book is jam packed with beautiful pictures and easy directions.  You don't need expensive equipment or a War and Peace novel about baby food to be able to make it for your baby.  Follow Adrianne's easy to follow guide and you will be an expert in no time and can get back to being with your baby and sleeping!

What inspired you to write this book?
When it was time to start thinking about starting my son on baby food, I started to do the math in my head and realized how much money it actually was to buy pre-made baby food from the store and I was shocked by how much other ingredients went into them. We were going through a tough time, financially, so I was trying to find any way possible to save us money. After doing a lot of research on the subject, I was very excited to see how much money I could save our family simply by making Will’s food as opposed to buying it pre-made. It was great to know exactly what my baby was eating as I would be making everything myself.

I was the only person amongst my friends or family who made homemade baby food, and I began to get so many questions about it that I thought to myself that perhaps other mothers out there would want this same information. So, one day I just decided to write a book for other mothers out there. I wanted to share the basic essentials on how to make homemade baby food, a resource I had a hard time finding but wished I had. My goal was to write an easy to follow recipe book with all of my lessons learned and tips in one place.

How hard was it for you to sit down and put together the book?
Writing the book came easy to me because I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but finding the time was difficult because I was working full time and taking care of a rambunctious toddler. I didn’t have much free time, needless to say.

What advice can you give to someone who is thinking about writing a book or is in the process of writing?
To be honest, writing a book was never on my “list of things to do.” But I began to feel a passion for this and felt inspired to write. My advice is to just go w/ your inspiration and write what you’re passionate about so your writing is truly heartfelt.

Also, I would say to be persistent. It is hard being an unknown, first time author. If you truly want to write and be published, keep on trying and sending your manuscript out to publishers. I think I received several rejections before Diversion Press believed in my book as much as I did.

What can you tell a reader about the book that will make them want to pick up a copy?
This book gives simple, straight-forward instructions on how to make baby food and has all of the wonderful recipes that my son loved to eat. Every other book that I found on this topic went into too many details about science and nutrition and only focused one chapter on baby food with the rest of the book focusing on toddlers. Many websites I searched were very overwhelming to me as a new mother as they had an enormous amount of information to read through. This book is a step-by-step guide providing the essentials on what to make, how to make it, and when to make it as your baby grows with useful tips along the way.

What advice do you have for new (or seasoned) mothers who might be considering making their own baby food?
It’s not as scary as you may think it would be! It’s actually pretty easy as long as you know the basics. Once you have the basics, you can get as fancy as you like or just keep it simple. All you need is a little time and a little knowledge, and the rest is easy. This book will gives all the tools you need without all the extra stuff.

How with your second child did you use the book?

I will have to admit that I have used my own book SEVERAL times w/ Eliza. It's amazing how fast my memory faded! I have used the reference chart the most to help me know what foods to serve for the appropriate age.

How did that work out?

To be honest, I found my book quite helpful - it is exactly the type of book I was searching for when Will was a baby. Although, by the look on Eliza's face in the attached picture, it seems she is not too confident in my cooking skills - I can assure you that she loves her food! Her favorite meal was also Will's favorite: banana and pumpkin.

How much money can someone save making homemade baby food?

Making your own baby food can save a lot of money. Below is an exert from the first chapter where I discussed some estimated cost savings. Store Bought Baby Food

Homemade Baby Food
1 oz of Bananas = $0.23
1 oz of Bananas = $0.01
1 oz of Peas = $0.23
1 oz of Peas = $0.04
1 oz of Sweet Potatoes = $0.23
1 oz of Sweet Potatoes = $0.04
1 oz of Applesauce = $0.23
1 oz of Applesauce = $0.03

Now, looking at the store prices, they don’t seem too bad, but if you keep multiplying these prices over and over, serving after serving, it definitely adds up over the months. For example, if you bought a jar of bananas (a typical jar is two ounces) for one meal a day, every day of the week, that is a total of $3.18 a week. Homemade bananas would equal $0.14 for a week. So, by making one serving of bananas, you are already seeing a savings of 12.5 percent over buying one serving.

Keep in mind that is only one meal a day. After a while, you will be feeding your baby three times a day not to mention that your baby will be growing, therefore needing larger amounts of food. So, the cost will only go higher and higher …

What are the best and worst parts of being a published author?

The best part of being a publisher author is the pride I feel in myself. It's quite an accomplishment to have a published book; it's not something that everyone in the world can do. It's just a really cool thought to know that I'm "out there"!

I think the worst part is being an unknown author and trying to get the word out about my book. It's not as easy as people think. All my cowokers keep asking me why I'm still working there when I'm probably making millions on my book - but it's not like The Today Show just calls every single author to come and interview with them about their book. :) The other worst part is the fear of people not liking my book. I put in so much work and feel so passionate about it that if someone were to write a bad review, I'd be really upset! Fortunately, all of my reviews so far have been very positive!

What would you like potential readers to know?

I just want potential readers to know that this book is truly a passion of mine. I was a mother looking for some guidance and couldn't find it - so I solved the problem myself in hopes to be a help to others!

Is there a question that you would like to leave up for comments or responses?

Do you have any humorous stories about your own attempts to make baby food and/or your baby's reaction to your cooking?

The first time I made bananas for Eliza, I added way too much water to the mix. I ended having to go back to the store to buy more bananas to help even up the consistency. I think I ended up using about 20 bananas! (generally I use about 4-5) Needless to say she was eating that first batch of bananas for a good solid 2 months! After that episode, I grabbed a copy of my own book to reference for future!


  1. Hi, Adrianne, I'm so glad "easy guide' is in the title and I love how you mentioned some recipe books are TOO overloaded with info. I don't cook, but I like recipe books. I like reading little origins of the recipes, etc. but I don't like all the gobbldygook some writers add just to fill up pages as you spoke about. It sounds like a great read that's easy to follow! Best of luck!!

  2. Being the grandmother of a 10 month old, I think your book is quite timely for our family. So glad you wrote this book; I know so many young moms who would love to save money and make their baby's food themselves. I think your book will be very successful. Congratulations.

  3. I wish I had this book when my children were babies. I'll be sure to recommend it to anyone I know having a little one now. Cute picture of the baby!

  4. Adrianne and I realized just how small the world can be when we started working together for her tour! We have common ground via Cedarville University. It was really fun to connect with her on another level outside of the tour! This book is a must have for moms! She is completely correct, there was not a simple how to book in regards to baby food making until she wrote hers!