Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tour UPDATES and Directions

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to drop a note to say:  WOW!  What a great start to the blog tour.

We don't want to interrupt this, but we do want to provide what may be some helpful directions for everyone.

The full TOUR Calendar is on our website 
It is listed as Version 1 (a standard calendar) and Version 2 (a broken down list of stops)
Both have the stops linked, so it is a great way to keep up with the entire tour at all the stops.
The links are current, and will be updated so that you can click on them and go directly to that posting.

Please do FOLLOW our Blog and comment on the appeareances.  The Comment box is always at the bottomn of the current post.

Finally, FREE STUFF.  We are giving away lots of free stuff.  We will announce these on certain days throughout the tour.  Those days are also listed on the calendar AND listed on our blog at the top click BLOG TOUR Giveaways for the list of giveaways only.  Once the giveaway is active, we will link to that blog post from this page.

Finally, we are opening a page called The Blog Tour, which will have all the information that you need to follow the tour.

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