Thursday, May 12, 2011

Diversion Press Robert Bresloff, author of Wanderland

When the army of the new emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Di had invaded neighboring Annam, Chen, a thirteen year old boy was saved by a mysterious old man as the invading Chinese destroyed his village and killed his family. The old man turned out to be, Master Waan, a Ship's Wizard in the service of the great Chinese admiral Zheng He. Master Waan was on his way to meet the admiral's fleet that was to set sail upon his arrival. Though Chen thought the old man odd, he knew that his only chance for survival-to accompany Master Waan to China. As the wizard's apprentice, Chen sailed with the fleet, a gigantic armada made up of great Chinese Treasure Ships in search of what Chen believed to be magical place referred to only as Wanderland. He soon learned that it was no coincidence Master Waan had appeared at the village just in time to save his life. It was Chen's destiny to find Wanderland.

Review snippets: 

"The author of this novel does a wonderful job of enhancing the reader's imagination which appears to be missing in so many books of today."  John Beeson

"The author's attention to detail, use of appropriate nautical and navigational vocabulary, language of the period, Chinese names and historical references, and masterful choice of Chinese quotes at the beginning of each chapter all combine to allow us to participate in the action and outcomes of this exciting story."  Nancy W. Cook

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