Sunday, July 10, 2011

Broomsticks Art Contest Results are here

Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker, the co-authors of Broomsticks, recently held an art contest for kids between 6 and 12. The aspiring artists were asked to draw Stamp, Pocky, or any other character from Broomsticks, the magical children's book series from Diversion Press.

"Twenty-nine kids entered from around the globe, including Scotland," McHugh said. "It was a tough job narrowing it down to four winners. They were all so darned great!"

"I was amazed at the talent demonstrated in the entries!" said Parker. "What impressed me the most was how well the personalities and spirit of the characters were captured in the drawings, while maintaining originality."

The winners were:

Olivia, age 9, Vanceburg, Ky.

Paco, age 10, Tollesboro, Ky.

Rebecca, age 10, Scotland

Alex, age 12, Mays Lick, Ky.

The talented winners received a copy of Broomsticks signed with a personal note of thanks from McHugh and Parker. Winners also received a congratulatory certificate.

McHugh and Parker would like to thank all the kids who entered. Each and every artist really kicked some creative magic!

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