Thursday, November 17, 2011

Far Corners

Far Corners by Kathleen Bullock is a great read for Christmas or the winter.

  Once upon a Christmas Eve, the Brooks children, Matt, Jan and Willie, stumble through a portal in time and find themselves, along with their run-down old home, transported back to 1747, Colonial Virginia. A ghost has been haunting their house, which had once been a traveler's inn, for well over 260 years. Adventure and danger await the children as they try to free the elderly ghost by reuniting her with her son - but they only have until midnight to accomplish their mission. If they don't bring James Danbury back to the Inn before the deadline, the children may be trapped forever in the past. The setting and characters of the story show the complex world that existed in Colonial America in the era before the Revolutionary War, and readers will find some historical surprises!

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