Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Giveaway 1: What did you do for Black Friday?

What did you do for Black Friday?
Diversion Press would like to get a conversation started about what people did for Black Friday.  Share your horror stories, bargain stories, or stay at home stories.

We are also going to giveaway a free book to someone just for posting a comment.  Go to the bottom of this message and click the Comment Button.

Thank you and Happy Black Friday!

The winner will have their choice of one of the following of our recently published books:
People Poetry
Notary Public Enemy
Visitation Rights

You must post and Follow the Blog.
Free books are shipped to U.S. addresses only.
We will announce the winner on our blog, please check back.
You can only win once.
Winners will be randomly using
All responses must be approved before being posted, so please make sure that you use appropriate language.
Winner will be announced at noon central time on December 12.


  1. For this dreaded day, I was working at Hobby Lobby! I had a great time though and discovered some Christmas ornaments of my own that I really
    wanted! :)

  2. Since my birthday was Sunday, I had two gift certificates to use. By shopping on Black Friday, I more than got my money's worth. At night, I curled up with a book I had downloaded on my new (birthday present) Kindle Fire.