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A Closer Look at Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse

Diversion Press

A Collection of Poetic Verse
Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse (Diversion Press, distributed by Ingram, $9.95; Publication Date July 5, 2009) combines the work of an array of first time published and seasoned poets. This collection is for a general readership and includes the winners from the Diversion Press annual poetry contest. There is something for everyone in this anthology.
Within the 136 pages of the anthology you will find poems from over 40 poets including the five winners of the 2008 Diversion Press Poetry contest: 1st “Richard” by Steven Levi, 2nd “The Shepherd Protects” by Deborah Finkelstein, and 3rd “Answering a Call from an Unknown Caller” by Allison Wilkins. Our two honorable mention poems went to “For the Love of the Game” by Erika K. Lueker-Tarango and “Miss America” by Kristen McHenry. Meanderings purposefully does not have a table of contents in the hopes that readers will meander through the entire book.

Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse     Diversion Press, Poetry Anthology
Distributed by Ingram and returnable
ISBN: 978-1-935290-02-5
Paperback, 136 pages, $9.95
Publication Date: July 5, 2009

Meanderings list of poems and poets:

Meanderings:  A Collection of Poetic Verse

 Table of Contents
“Madeline’s First Poem” Madeline Thompson
“Richard” Steven Levi
“The Shepherd Protects” Deborah Finkelstein
“Answering a Call from an Uknown Caller” Allison Wiklins
“For Love of the Game” Erika K. Lueker-Tarango
“Miss America” Kristen McHenry
“Military Jacket” Joe Moffett
“Burnet Park Zoo” Katharyn Howd Machan
“Once Upon A Time” Paula Burkhart
“Storms” Angie Mingari
“Explaining” Allison Wilkins
“Without A Thought” Nayyar Shabbir Ahmad
“In Sleep’s Oasis (for Judith)” Michael Shorb
“Memories of a Dead Stranger” Jerome Teelucksingh
“The poet” Jaume Munoz
“Sweet Hibernation” Christa A. Bergerson
“Summer, 1968” Tony Iovino
“She decided” Jaume Munoz
“Cacophony at Dawn” Holly S. Boker
“Spill Forth Your Heaven, a prayer for rain” June Avant
“Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Hippos, Snakes etc.”  Cecilia Rodriquez Milanés
“An Untitled Love Song for an Untitled Time” Matthew Henningsen
“I Just Wanted To” Sandy Feinstein
“Circular Logic” Jennifer Coates
“Beyond Sleighs & Saddle Shoes” Cherise Wyneken
“What I Remember” Bill Mesce, Jr.
“Summers on Woodbridge Lake” Stephanie Mack
“Where & When?” Tony Iovino
“Target” Stephanie Mack
“Lightening” Nayyar Shabbir Ahmad
“Good Morning” Ivan Greenberg
“Southern Rails…” Karen Devaney
“Baggage” Kristen McHenry
“Immigrant Sense” Giuseppe M. Fazari
“The Mailbox That Was Broken”  Natasha Pomakoy
“A Voice” A.F. Eidsness
“Whose feet are these anyway?” Jennifer Coates
“Wasteless” Deborah A. Belle
“All I wanted was a quiet cup of tea” Erika K. Luiker-Tarango
“Haiku Breakfast” Holly S. Boker
“One Big Database” Ivan Greenberg
“Hijacked,” Jennifer Coates
“Snow” Stephanie Kajpust
“Unspoken” Nayyar Shabbir Ahmad
“I’ve Got a Place” A.F. Eidsness
“Taking Freedom” Stephanie Kajpust
“Folded Fingers” Nadine Stanford
“Stinging Praises” Deborah A. Belle
“Beauchamp Point” Nadine Standford
“Elusive Kernel” Jeff Williams
“Where Do They Hide the Untold Stories” Jeff Williams
“(In)dependence Daze” John Walker Davis
“Simple Regrets” Antonio Thompson
“Service Station” John Walker Davis
“Curing Memory” Allison Wilkins
“Hard Work” Jeff Williams
“My Golden Lady” Gayle C. Krause
“The Table” John Walker Davis
“The Falling Clouds of Provence” Matthew Henningsen
“Phantom Father” Gayle C. Krause
“Snake Charming” Richard Eric Johnson
“No Passports Required for Boarding” Matthew Henningsen
“Here There Everywhere Then Now”  Jayne Fenton Keane
“Billy” Sandy Feinstein
“Roundabout” Paul Handley
“The Trap Ease” Richard Eric Johnson
“Let Come the Gentle Rain” Bill Mesce, Jr.
“Oh Mr. Willow” Christa A. Bergerson
“Frenzied Forsythia” Jane Herschlag
“Garden of Hope Letter #2” Dena Hawes
“Deception” Nayyar Shabbir Ahmad
“Precious Memories” Jerome Teelucksingh
“Perennials” Cherise Wyneken
“Ode to Echinacea” Deborah Finkelstein
“Scorched Memories” Renata Bur
“Obese Bumblebee” Jane Herschlag
“Olympic Torch in San Francisco” Michael Shorb
“Holey Stories” Tony Iovino
“You won’t do it” Jaume Munoz
“Too Bad” Steven Levi
“Reunion” Cherise Wyneken
“If you Miss Me” Nancy Lanthier Carroll
“A Red Balloon”Barbara R. Vance
“Kudzu” Joe Moffett
“Grocery Store Romance” June Avant
“Choose Bravely” Nancy Lanthier Carroll
“Lost Love” Cecilia Rodriguez Milanés
“Fell Apart” Nathaniel O’ Reilly
“Salvation” Paula Burkhart
“First Steps” Angie Mingari
“The Fence” Amy Thompson

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