Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Closer Look at People Poetry

Diversion Press
 People Poetry:
By People, For People, and Sometimes About People

People Poetry is the second poetry collection published by Diversion Press, following up on the success of the first anthology, Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse.  People Poetry includes over sixty poems by over sixty different poets. You will find writing by the beginner poet as well as the seasoned writer. I bet you won't be able to tell which is which! This collection is by People, for People, and sometimes about People. It's People Poetry!
In People Poetry no more than one poem per poet was selected.  This allowed a wide variety of poets to be included.  People Poetry was not only a poetry collection, but also a poetry contest. 

Several entries stood out and are our contest winners. Congratulations!
1st Place--Francis DiClemente for "St. Peter's Cemetery"
We love a surprise ending! 

2nd Place--Jeremy Hockett for "The Me I Never Was..."
What a great poem! 

3rd Place--Kirsten Crase for "Glue for a Broken Teacup" 
Who hasn't been broken? 

Honorable Mention--Vicky Gilpin for "Everyone Said You Were Perfect"

Honorable Mention--Linda Loegel for "Las Vegas"     

People Poetry: By People, For People, and Sometimes About People    
Published by Diversion Press
ISBN: 978-1-935290-19-3
$9.95, 88 pages, paperback

People Poetry
Table of Contents

Hominy Cherilyn Fienen
Mariners harbor Karl Madden
Pick me, pick me! William J. Joel
Requiem Alan N. Webber
I said that I didn’t want to have another birthday Amy Thompson
Intaglio Landscape 13 x 12 (planting tulips) Jason Haladyn
Mixed Marriage Betty Mermelstein
My Head Anthony Statile
Planning Ahead Ellen Friedman
Sunday Times Amanda Graham
Poisoned! Madeline Thompson
Addiction Johnathan L. Carter
The Nature of Contradiction Pauline Ada Uwakweh
Time Suanna H. Davis
Human Zoo Giuseppe M. Fazari
March Aspen Deborah Finkelstein
hodie mihi, cras tibi Ming Hwa Ting
Ode to an asparagus peeler Heather McMahon
Summer’s End Nathanael O’Reilly
A Memory As I Turn Twenty-Seven Anne Valente
Life is Silent… Prince Jacon
Las Vegas Linda Loegel
St. Peter’s Cemetery Francis DiClemente
Craving Tofu Joseph Robert White
At Age 36 Louis E. Bourgeois
The Last Chestnut Jonathan Steinklein
Damsel Without Distress Kathleen Kimball
UNTITLED Elizaveta Provorova
The Me I Never Was… Jeremy Hockett
At the Blue Mosque Scott H. Boyd
2nd Avenue Genevieve Joyner
A Poem About My Family Brian Behnken
The Tall Oak Nathan Andrew Wilson
Second-year cub Jean Maria Arrigo
Dinner at Eight Jennifer Coates
The beggars:  a reply to a cold society Jerome Teelucksingh
4am Michael Oliver
Antipasto Christa A. Bergerson
Barometric Time Rebecca Peabody
An Ice Valley Miha Pintaric
Pencil Cup Colleen Anderson
Glue for a Broken Tea Cup Kirsten Crase
On visiting the grave of the gypsy queen James Kelley
Search Himadri Roy
The Birds Now Sing Wendy A. Sarti
Gingerbread Lady (Version 2) Michael Lee Johnson
Threads Irena Praitis
The Reckoning’ Richard Eric Johnson
A Questionnaire for Determining Those Deserving of Care Kristen McHenry
Hunter Gatherers Herb Herschlag
My Mandy Lois Carlson
Alone Karen Devaney
Life’s Lights Candace Saunders
Untitled Steven C. Levi
Bonsoir, Madame Recamier Matthew Henningsen
A Clean Sweep Kathleen Bullock
Excavations Pam Laskin
Everyone Said You Were Perfect Vicky Gilpin
Gratuitous Filler Antonio Thompson
Strip Mine Susan DeVan
The Common Public Jamie Taylor
You called me “Sir” Adeshina Afolayan
Confused Articulation Lisa M. Hase
Untitled Serena Guarracino
so it seems Austen Roye
In the space between Karissa Jekel
Snap Brianna Thompson

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