Monday, August 15, 2011

New Release from Diversion Press: NOTARY PUBLIC ENEMY By Tony Iovino


Notary Public Enemy by Tony Iovino is the most recent publication from Diversion Press.

Join us in celebrating this new author and his first book.

Peter De Stio is a fallen star litigator, his marriage, family, and partnership in a premiere Long Island law firm long gone, settling uneasily into a quiet post-rehab life until scandal erupts thrusting him back into a world he thought he had left forever. Fake deeds have been filed and mortgages taken on a former client's properties. Millions of dollars are missing, and conspirators are turning up dead. The only lead is Peter's signature and notary stamp, which appear on the forged documents. His solitude shattered, he must defend himself against accusations of murder and fraud, a disbarment proceeding and a civil suit. His new life threatened, he is reluctantly forced to rely on old skills and the help a network of young lawyers, the old friends and clients still willing to talk to him and twin toddler nephews to find the truth about who he is, and the path to redemption.

Notary Public Enemy
By Tony Iovino
Mystery, Suspsense, Thriller, Fiction
260 pages, paper, $14.95
ISBN:  978-1-935290-20-9