Friday, September 2, 2011

Decatur Book Festival Updates

Diversion Press

Booth 618
Decatur Festival of Books
September 2 and 3, 2011

Events and Pricing

Author Events:  Saturday and Sunday Signings

Tony Iovino Notary Public Enemy

Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker Broomsticks

Antonio Thompson German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass: Housing German Prisoners of War in Kentucky, 1942-1946
Hourly Giveaways

Special Event Pricing

German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass: Housing German Prisoners of War In Kentucky by Antonio Thompson $15

One Woman’s Life by Irena Pratis $15

An Easy Guide to Making Homemade Baby Food by Adrianne Hunter $10

I Can Make Out With Any Girl Here by Ryan Nemeth $10

Ellabug by Gregory Turner-Rahmen $10

Notary Public Enemy by Tony Iovino $10

Wanderland by Robert Bresloff $10

The Darling Rebels by Siobhan Nichols $10

Urban Falcon by Jennifer Caloyeras $10

If You Don’t Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut by Linda Loegel $10

Halloween Kentucky Style by Charles Suddeth $9

Visitation Rights by Pamela Laskin $9

In the Shadow of the Big Apple by Tom Piantanida $9

Broomsticks by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker $9

Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse $8

People Poetry $8

Far Corners by Kathleen Bullock $5

Visitation Rites by Pamela Laskin, $9.95, 118 pages paperback, contemporary young


Visitation Rites is a contemporary coming of age story. Pati must live with a mother who suffers from mental illness. When her father leaves her mother and marries again, Pati is given a second chance at a normal life, including a new stepmother, new home, and even new friends. One thing stands in the way of Pati's perfect new world, the visitation rites of her biological mother. Each week Pati must meet her mother, even if it means lying to her new friend Jayne. Pati will soon learn that Jayne is more like her than she ever imagined.

Notary Public Enemy by Tony Iovino, $14.95, 260 pages paperback, legal, mystery, thriller

Peter De Stio is a fallen star litigator, his marriage, family, and partnership in a premiere Long Island law firm long gone, settling uneasily into a quiet post-rehab life until scandal erupts thrusting him back into a world he thought he had left forever. Fake deeds have been filed and mortgages taken on a former client's properties. Millions of dollars are missing, and conspirators are turning up dead. The only lead is Peter's signature and notary stamp, which appear on the forged documents. His solitude shattered, he must defend himself against accusations of murder and fraud, a disbarment proceeding and a civil suit. His new life threatened, he is reluctantly forced to rely on old skills and the help a network of young lawyers, the old friends and clients still willing to talk to him and twin toddler nephews to find the truth about who he is, and the path to redemption.

German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass: Housing German Prisoners of War in Kentucky, 1942-1946, by Antonio Thompson, history, 324 pages, paperback, $24.95

Dr. Antonio S. Thompson's work describes the story of Kentucky's housing of nearly 10,000 German prisoners of war during World War II. Who knew that while American boys were away at war, the enemy was housed right in our own backyards. Learn how these men lived, played, worked, and even helped the labor starved home front in Kentucky counties.

“Thoroughly researched and well documented, the book may focus exclusively on Kentucky but is an excellent springboard to further study of a neglected topic.” The Library Journal.

“The well-researched German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass is a welcome addition to the growing canon of World War II studies on German prisoners of war incarcerated in the United States. The chapter on Nazi/Anti-Nazi conflicts is of particular value because this subject has received so little attention. Few Americans know that their government executed fourteen German POWs for murdering fellow prisoners. Even less has been written about short-handed camp commanders who allowed ardent Nazi prisoners to threaten and physically maim progressive fellow prisoners, all in the name of order,” Dr. Lewis Carlson, Ph.D., author of We Were Each Other's Prisoners: An Oral History Of World War II American And German Prisoners Of War.

Broomsticks by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker, children’s, 66 pages, $9.95

Pocky McGuire has no idea why she is different. No one else in her family can levitate books or freeze and angry dog in his tracks. She felt alone in the world until one day she met a strange boy with a goatee. Unlike Pocky, Stamp had no doubt who he was. He was raised by witches and he was a witch. Upon meeting Stamp, Pocky hoped to befriend her magical counterpart and learn a few tricks of the trade. Stamp, however, wanted no part of anything or anyone mortal, including Pocky. Will it take magic to bring these two kindred spirits together? The real magic of Broomsticks is not about the witchcraft! It is about the magic found in a special friendship and the magic of being yourself!

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Decatur Book Festival

The Decatur Book Festival is happening on September 3 and September 4 just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Please visit the Diversion Press Booth at Booth Number 618.

We will have authors Antonio Thompson signing German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass; Tony Iovino signing Notary Public Enemy; and Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker signing Broomsticks.

There will be special book pricing for the fair and also hourly giveaways.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Decatur Festival of Books.

Link to the AJC Decatur Book Festival here

Signing Schedule to follow soon.