Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Reviewers Needed

Diversion Press is looking for Book Reviewers to review our new books.

If you have a blog, newspaper, journal, radio show, or other venue and are interested in reviewing books for Diversion Press please contact us. 

We have several new books coming out and could use help in reviewing them and launching blog tours.

We send our books out for review in a number of places such as The Library Journal, but if you have suggestions of where to send books for review we would be happy to hear from you.

diversionpress AT

Monday, August 13, 2012

Diversion Press is still accepting poetry

Diversion Press Call for Poetry

Diversion Press is gathering poems for the third poetry anthology.

This is a general audience poetry book and we hope that the poems have a wide readership. We are accepting poems from young poets, older poets, amateur poets, and professional poets. Please keep your poems geared for this audience. We prefer shorter poems (that fit on one page), although we may publish longer poems. We will NOT publish poetry that seems offensive (overly violent, sexual, or anything that puts children in a bad light).

For examples of the types of poems that we publish, please see our other two anthologies: Meanderings: A Collection of Poetic Verse and People Poetry.

Submission Format: Poems must be emailed with Poetry Anthologyin the subject line. A cover letter should be in the body of the email and the poems can be pasted or attached in a Word document. Poems should be typed exactly as you would like them to appear.

Guidelines: We would like a three sentence biography of each poet. You can send up to five poems at one time. Poems must be original, owned by the poet, and not previously published. We will notify you of acceptance or rejection by email. A release form must accompany all poems accepted.

Rights: We retain only the rights to publish the poems in this anthology and any version of this anthology (ebook, paperback, hardcover, and potentially on our website) or used to publicize this work. We do not retain the rights to publish your poetry in any other named anthology or work without a second release from you. Poets are free to publish their poems in any other work after they are published in this work.

Please note that attachments will not be opened if the body of the email does not address the attachments. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection in three to four weeks after submitting.

You do not have to purchase a copy of the work to be included in this work. Poets will be accepted and the work will be finalized prior to copies being available for sale. Contributors will not receive a free copy of the work nor any financial compensation, however, all published poets will have an opportunity to purchase the finished work at a reduced price.

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Emails can be sent to diversionpress AT (be sure to change the AT to @)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Blog Hits 100

The Diversion Press Blog now has 100 Followers.

Thanks to all of those that are Following us.  Readers might consider Following these Blogs as well.

We could still use your help!

Diversion Press is a small, independent press and spreading the word about our press helps in so many ways.

Please suggest to others to Follow our blog and if you are reading this but not yet Following, please do so.  It will allow you to keep up with all the new information at Diversion Press including announcements of publishing opportunities and blog tours.

Thanks again to all of our Followers.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fall 2012

Hello and welcome to the Fall 2012

Diversion Press has lots of great things happening this fall.

We have several new books that are coming out including:

Grounded by Thomas Earl Allen, Grounded is contempory young adult.

After Dark:  A Collection of Haunting Tales, a horror anthology.

Butterfly Tattoo by Candace Dodd, a young adult supernatural romance.

Broomsticks II: The Halloween Spirit by Sean McHugh and Katie McHugh Parker, the sequel to our best-selling children's book Broomsticks.

We are still accepting poetry and reading through the hundreds that we have received!!!!

Thanks to all of our blog followers, new and old, our authors, our readers, and our customers and everyone that has helped Diversion Press!

You can contact us at diversionpress AT
And visit our website at

Let's have a great fall.