Saturday, August 17, 2013

Diversion Press Young Adult
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GROUNDED is the realistic portrayal of a boy who reads comic books, plays video games, vandalizes, chooses bad friends, breaks school rules, and frustrates his well-meaning parents. But GROUNDED is also not moralistic, nor is it a case study of a highly disturbed child. Instead, the main character's main challenge is to mature in a world filled with opportunities to make unwise choices--the same struggle that most young people face. GROUNDED examines Donny's decisions, but also the consequences of the decisions made by the adults around him.
Grounded by Thomas Earl Allen.  $9.95, 94 pages paperback, contemporary young adult.  ISBN:  978-1-935290-21-6

At the tender age of fifteen, Lilly Bloomfield is young and naïve. When she falls in love with eighteen year old Aaron, her life seems complete. That is until Aaron has an accident and it all changes. Has Lilly lost the love of her life forever or will the unexpected leave her questioning everything. Her butterfly tattoo may be the last fluttering of love that she feels until she gets a visit from the supernatural

Butterfly Tattoo by Candace Dodd. $12.95, 188 pages paperback, young adult.  ISBN:  978-1-935290-22-3

Evan Falcon was all set to finish high school in Elbow Creek when his dad’s job forces the family to move to Lincoln Heights, a booming metropolis. Now, his best friend won’t even talk to him and he is about to uncover an explosive family secret. Caught between who he used to be and the possibility of who he could become, Evan is thrown into a world of dating, out of control parties and family drama.
Urban Falcon, by Jennifer Caloyeras. $12.95, 232 pages, paperback,Diversion Press Young Adult.  ISBN:   978-1-935290-08-7

In the Shadow of the Big Apple is the story of Kenny, a mischievous boy growing up in an Italian neighborhood in 1950s New Jersey. Summers in the sweltering tenements, where sewer-gas laden breezes carried with them a reminder of the proximity to Caputo’s Fish Market, drive Kenny to seek escape to summer camp, complete with swarming bats in the dorm, a snapping turtle in the zero-visibility swimming pool, and burned-out counselors. 
In the Shadow of the Big Apple, by Tom Piantanida.  $12.95, 170 pages, Diversion Press Young Adult, paperback. ISBN-13: 978-1935290056

Visitation Rites is a contemporary coming of age story. Pati must live with a mother who suffers from mental illness. When her father leaves her mother and marries again, Pati is given a second chance at a normal life, including a new stepmother, new home, and even new friends. One thing stands in the way of Pati's perfect new world, the visitation rites of her biological mother. Each week Pati must meet her mother, even if it means lying to her new friend Jayne. Pati will soon learn that Jayne is more like her than she ever imagined.
Visitation Rites by Pamela Laskin, $9.95, 118 pages paperback, contemporary young adult.  ISBN:  978-1-935290-18-6


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