Friday, February 20, 2015

Stay Warm with Diversion Press Books

Winter blues got you down?

Let Diversion Press help

These books are so hot that they will keep you warm!

If you like legal crime thriller's then 
Tony Iovino's Notary Public Enemy will fit the bill:

Peter De Stio is a fallen star litigator, his marriage, family, and partnership in a premiere Long Island law firm long gone, settling uneasily into a quiet post-rehab life until scandal erupts thrusting him back into a world he thought he had left forever. Fake deeds have been filed and mortgages taken on a former client's properties. Millions of dollars are missing, and conspirators are turning up dead. The only lead is Peter's signature and notary stamp, which appear on the forged documents. His solitude shattered, he must defend himself against accusations of murder and fraud, a disbarment proceeding and a civil suit. His new life threatened, he is reluctantly forced to rely on old skills and the help a network of young lawyers, the old friends and clients still willing to talk to him and twin toddler nephews to find the truth about who he is, and the path to redemption.

Check out I Can Make Out With Any Girl Here by Ryan Nemeth for college mishaps and mayhem:

Donny Blake spends his first semester as a college student at Kulhman University doing the typical college student activities--partying, picking up girls, studying, and trying to avoid Ugly Jen. When the bank starts giving Donny free money and his French teacher expresses interest in him, Donny comes to the realization "I can make out with any girl here". Will it all far apart when ants move into Donny's room and stolen fetal pigs attract the administration's attention or will he make it through his first semester of college? Find out through diary entries, text messages, e-mails, and police reports. I Can Make Out with Any Girl Here--the story of Donny Blake's first semester at Kulhman University. A must read for all students about to enter college, college freshman, current college students, or those just wanting to remember what it was like.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Diversion Press is proud to announce The Blabbermouth Club

The Blabbermouth Club by

Debbie Shakespeare Smith

is the newest Middle Grade book in the Diversion Press catalog

When 10-year-old Summer McKay calls a wrong number and finds herself talking to Emily Lear, the class blabbermouth, she becomes flustered and invites Emily to her upcoming slumber party. At the overnight Emily threatens to take over Summer's friends as well as the party. Without thinking, and in an effort to get the girls' attention, Summer lies and blurts out that her very common basset hound is an award winning show dog. To make matters worse, every time Summer thinks her boast is forgotten, Emily makes sure everyone remembers. Now, at the teacher's invitation, Summer has to bring her not-so-special dog to class, but what she'd really like to do is put a zipper on her big mouth and Emily's too-if she can stand to be around her that long.

The Blabbermouth Club will be available from Diversion Press in March.  You can order directly from Diversion Press or for $9.95

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diversion Press 2015!!!!!

Diversion Press is excited to announce new titles in paperback and e-Books in 2015!

Stay tuned to our website and blog for all the details.