Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Is Women's History Month

Don't Forget That March is Women's History Month.
Read below to see how you can help celebrate it with us.

Rosie the Riveter as seen in the Norman Rockwell cover of
The Saturday Evening Post

While there are only a few more days left in March we will be happy to take submissions for blog postings regarding Women's History.  If you would like to submit a brief piece for potential featuring in our blog feel free to email it to us at

Also, from now until April 2 we are offering One Woman's Life at a 50 percent discount off of the $17.95 cover price, we'll offer it at an even $9.00 plus shipping.
To get this discount you will have to purchase directly from the press, simply email us and we can send a PayPal invoice.

Ona Kartanas has lived through extraordinary circumstances. Born in Lithuania during World War I she was orphaned at an early age and struggled to find her way in life. She experienced the Soviet and Nazi occupations of Lithuania during World War II, was interrogated at gunpoint on more than one occasion, lived in displaced persons camps in Germany after the war, and immigrated to Colombia, South America. Eventually she and her family immigrated to the United States. This book offers a series of prose vignettes that chronicle her story of loss, war, displacement, poverty, and struggle. Ona's life highlights the strength of the human spirit and the human capacity to not only survive, but to triumph.

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