Thursday, July 21, 2016

Diversion Press is pleased to announce The Imp Bottle

D. V. Kelleher shares a bit about the inspiration for her new book, The Imp Bottle.

I have lots of books about weird things and unsolved mysteries because, like lots of people, I wonder about them and come up with my own theories as to what actually happened. A friend gave me a copy of the Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were by Page and Ingpen and I read it for hours because it had everything from mythological people to ghosts from famous stories. One item was about an imp bottle that granted wishes. It wasn’t a nice clean-cut story about wishes going bad. Everybody knows about that. Oh no, it involved a bottle that was dangerous if you still owned it when you died! And since you didn’t want to hang on to it too long you would naturally think about selling it. BUT you had to sell it for less than you bought it for or it kept coming back to you. How long do you keep it and what if you bought it for a penny? It sounded like a great idea for a story and I figured out a plot. The characters were already there talking to each other in my head. That sounds strange but I think it happens to all fiction writers. I couldn’t make the ending work because what did you do if you did buy it for a penny? So I set it aside and worked on another story for a while. Then one day the ending for the Imp Bottle popped into my head while I was driving. I raced home and typed it up before I could forget it. According to the Encyclopedia, the imp bottle is still out there somewhere.

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